Delivering outstanding value to our clients, candidates, channel partners, and the team is a hallmark of Wolf.  We embrace the immense level of trust instilled in us and inherently own our responsibility to drive exceptional results.  We lead with a growth mindset and are bold in our pursuit of innovation, disruption, and continuous improvement.  We balance humility and confidence in our quest for being better than best.  At our core is the commitment to diversity in people and organizations.  And paramount to this commitment is a diversity of thought authenticated by inclusion.   


We are fierce advocates for our clients’ and candidates’ collective success.  Our stakeholders deserve better than best.  We lead with a mission-critical mindset instilling a sense of urgency without sacrificing our highest quality standards.

Deliver Outstanding Value

Justify ROI

Be the First Choice



"I got this." — ACCOUNTABLE

  • We own our results and everything in between.  

  • Quality rules.  Show up with your whole self and execute with a sense of urgency.


  • Crave knowledge, improvement, and growth - both personally and professionally.

  • "Mediocrity” and “stagnation” are not in our   vocabulary.

Stir It Up — BOLD

  • Step out of your comfort zone and lead with heart and mind.  

  • Challenge the status quo—respectfully and strategically.  Make a difference.   

Do the Right Thing — ETHICAL

  • It’s not a choice.  Is there even a question? 


  • We are stewards of the trust instilled in us by our company, team, clients, and candidates. 

  • We don’t wait—we initiate and create.