Wolf’s vision-centric recruiting methodology delivers on your organization’s current objectives and its ideal future state.  We produce candidates who own the right mindset and attitudes to optimistically tackle current and future challenges.  We understand the importance of matching your organization’s needs with our candidates’ career aspirations. 


Conventional recruiting defines candidate “fit” based on assessing a candidate’s ability to assimilate within an organization’s current culture and meet its needs.  The days of hiring candidates who think the same, look the same and behave the same are over.  While foundational core purpose and values are constants, progressive organizations understand that culture must evolve to survive and compete.  These organizations embrace diversity and pursue leaders who influence and inspire progressive transformation amidst ambiguity.  


Wolf has a proven track record of delivering the Ideal Candidate Fit.  Our multi-dimensional approach assesses candidates on a deeper and future-focused level.  At Wolf, it’s all about vetting candidates for alignment on core purpose, values, career drivers, and growth mindset.  “Fit” is based on the past and “Ideal Fit” is about candidates who continue to thrive and add value regardless of change.  Our retention performance stats are proof of its efficacy.


  • We are food industry recruiting experts deeply connected and wired to people and company insider intelligence.


  • We are trusted advisors and serve as champions for our clients’ and candidates’ mutual success.

Game Changers

  • We deliver the Ideal Candidate with our proprietary Fit Factor platform increasing the probability for short and long-term results.