Corporate boards and executive leaders are reporting an unprecedented concern over the lack of bench strength to fill future leadership roles.  Equally, the demand for specialized competencies is rapidly accelerating.  Competition for top talent is fierce. Standard retained and contingency recruiting models are outdated and miss the mark on delivering ROI in today’s talent landscape.  

Wolf has redefined conventional recruiting by deploying time tested innovative practices that avoid the pitfalls of outdated models.  Traditional retained and contingency models range from reliance on a stable of candidates to impersonal pure technology plays that replace actual recruiting.  You need food industry recruiting experts who put the “hunt” back into headhunting. 

At Wolf, recruiting is our core competency.  We practice real recruiting, and we get real results for both candidates and clients.  Our model incorporates the best practices from traditional models with efficiency, accuracy, and ROI.  Everything we do is mission critical and we deliver unparalleled client and candidate care.  Clients and candidates deserve better and it starts with us changing the game.




Listen to learn

»  We define your opportunity by investing in learning your business, strategy, vision, and culture.

»  Your needs are unique and cannot be compromised by settling with a mere job title and description.


Strategic candidate targeting

»  We deploy a strategic and disciplined candidate targeting process to capture all potential talent.

»  Wolf goes beyond the obvious and does not recycle a ‘stable’ of candidates or limit possibilities by          only posting jobs.


Brand ambassadors

»  We are masters at bringing your story to life, appealing to the right talent on an intellectual and                 emotional level.

»  We deliver your brand and story with passion and purpose.

Thorough market connection

»  We put the hunt back into headhunting.

»  Wolf experts work tirelessly to tap all potential talent through our multi-source methodology.

»  Your story is special and requires live and personal connections impossible to accomplish with pure        technology practices.

Technical skills are table stakes

»  We vet our candidates for fit beyond the requisite technical skills.

»  We deliver candidates who will thrive, lead change, and drive profitable growth over the long term. 


Get it right the first time

»  Our 4:1 Candidate Introduction-to-hire performance record demonstrates our focus on quality over      quantity.

Recruit and retain ideal fit candidates

»  ​95% of our placed candidates are making an impact with increased scope, driving change and              thriving 3+ years after placement.

»  Our candidates deliver on the current objectives and ideal future state.

Eliminate surprises and pitfalls

»  We close 95% of our dedicated searches.

»  Our comprehensive Recruiting Optimization approach eliminates surprises at the finish line.

Tap hidden talent

»  75% of the candidates we introduce are passive or selectively listening.

»  Our 25 years of nurturing food industry relationships give us access to passive candidates not on         the active job circuit.

Optimize your time investment

»  Reduce time wasted interviewing candidates motivated for the wrong reasons.

»  Our discerning vetting process assesses for relevance between our candidates’ current work state      and motivations to validate the introduction.    

Realize the impossible

»  We excel at filling hard to fill and newly created transformational searches.

»  Our industry fluency builds candidate trust and changes the conversation to increase the odds of        engaging interest. 

Match your needs with candidate aspirations

»  50% of our interview time is dedicated to understanding candidate career drivers and aspirations.

»  We activate the tipping point for success by purposefully matching the timing of a client’s life              cycle with a candidate’s career vision.

Reduce total search cycle time

»  Our proprietary Recruiting Optimization Model accelerates your ROI by optimizing efficiency,              quality, and results.