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At Wolf, we pride ourselves on playing a responsible and integral role in guiding our candidates toward making game-changing and intentional career choices that propel them toward realizing their long-term career aspirations.

While candidates are on our radar at Wolf Search Solutions for potential future opportunities, Wolf’s sister company Transition Corner was created to provide professionals along the entire job search cycle.

Transition Corner is the ultimate job search playbook with a complete suite of step-by-step downloadable tools, guides and coaching for serious job seekers considering a career transition to land their dream job.

Transition Corner’s comprehensive full suite of field-tested, step-by-step tools and job search coaching strategies equips you with everything you need to master the skills and build confidence to beat the competition.

Make Your Plan

Successful career transitions start with a plan that accounts for your ultimate total career trajectory. Transition Corner tools guide self-reflection that helps you define, detail, and navigate the right path straight to your ideal job.

Craft Your Credentials

Landing your ideal job opportunity will take more than dusting off the old resume. The competitive landscape is fierce. Transition Corner brings decades of ‘in the know’ experience having partnered with 1000’s of hiring managers and HR professionals. And your resume in the ‘yes’ stack and land the interview.

Ace Your Interview

The interview is the make-or-break point in the process. We have decades of experience preparing candidates for this moment. We put our expertise to work for you with in-depth insights, exercises and techniques to maximize your impact and beat the competition.

Pivot Your Career

We take a mentor and advisor approach to mutually assessing opportunity on a holistic level.


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